MSOE Rowing Texas Results

MSOE Rowing Texas Results

MSOE Rowing Texas Results

The MSOE Rowing teams traveled to Austin for some training and competition.  On Wednesday, the Raiders took on the crews from UT-Austin. 

In the first race, the Texas Crew A was too much for the Raiders.  However, the Raiders stayed close with Texas Crew B.  In the Novice 8's the Red and White cruised past the Texas Crews.  The final race was the Women's 4's.  The women trailed just behind the Texas crews for most of the race, but in the final strokes, they passed Texas Crew B.  This was the closest race of the day.

Location: Austin, Texas (Ladybird Lake)

2,000 Meters

Men's Varsity 8's

  1. Texas Crew
  2. Texas Crew B
  3. MSOE-

Men's Novice 8

  1. MSOE
    • Coxwain Cole Price-Fr
    • Stroke seat Ryan Hintz –Fr
    • 7 seat-Corbin Gustafson –Fr
    • 6 seat Torben Winkel-Sr
    • 5 seat Seth Kooiker-Sr
    • 4 seat Jack Nicholaisen –Fr
    • 3 seat Chris Salerno –Fr
    • 2 seat Steffen Pundt-Sr
    • Bow seat Kyle Ellis-So
  2. Texas Crew A
  3. Texas Crew B

Women's 4+

  1. Texas Crew A
  2. MSOE
  3. Texas Crew B