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Red and White Fund

With more than 20 varsity men's and women's sports, more students than ever are participating in MSOE athletics. Under the guidance of Brian Miller, director of athletics, MSOE teams are achieving continued success and the number of conference championships and Academic All-American® nominations are at an unprecedented level.

Students consistently mention the importance of a strong athletics program when choosing to attend MSOE. The Kern Center, MSOE's $31 million, 210,000-square-foot recreation, athletic, health, and wellness center, showcases MSOE's commitment to meeting this need. In addition, the Pamela and Hermann Viets Athletic Field and parking structure further reinforces MSOE's commitment to a strong athletics program. For participating athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, MSOE athletics are vital to the quality of campus life. Maintaining that high quality requires your support. All MSOE athletes take part in fund-raising to help offset the cost of the athletics program, but the student athletes need your support to keep MSOE competitive.

Donate to the Red & White Fund today to help MSOE's student athletes continue their tradition of both academic and athletic success.

Your donation lays the groundwork for future victories in the classroom and on the field, the court, the ice, the track, the course, the mat, or the water.

100 percent of all donations go into the sports budget as you direct.

Donate online! Click now to support Raider Athletics or your favorite team with your gift to the Red & White Fund.

In addition to having your name listed in the sports media guides, if you donate $100 or more to the Red & White Fund, you will receive ...

  • Seasonal sports schedules
  • Sports media guides
  • Invitations to Red & White events
  • A tax deduction (as allowable by law)
  • A choice of how you would like to direct your support: one sport, divide your gift between two sports, or director of athletics' discretion
  • A Red & White Fund t-shirt
  • The satisfaction that comes with helping young people reach their potential!